CEOMC is the only voice for Florida’s Management Profession. From Management Companies to Community Association Managers (CAM’s) and the Community Associations who employ them, CEOMC has a proven track record of protecting and elevating the Management Profession in Florida.  Some of its recent successes include:

  1. Defeated Predatory Lawyer Attacks on the Management Profession re: the “Unlicensed Practice of Law”. In 2014, CEOMC led the fight to protect CAM’s, Florida’s homeowners and Community Associations from legal jeopardy as it relates to the “unlicensed practice of law” – a third degree felony. Common Association practices such as declaring a quorum at a Board meeting, hiring licensed service professionals (pool cleaners, landscape maintenance, roofing contractors, etc.) and other ministerial tasks were being alleged by the Florida Bar as activities ONLY lawyers should be allowed to provide. Therefore, Associations would have been required to hire expensive lawyers to provide these services instead of their licensed, professional CAM’s. Thanks to legislation filed at the request of CEOMC and signed into law in 2014 over the objection of the Florida Bar (House Bill 7037), Associations were protected from increased monthly fees and assessments to pay for those lawyers and CAM’s were spared from costly legal liability and the probable outcome of being unemployed. The 2014 law permits those activities alleged as UPL to continue being provided under Florida’s existing CAM licensure and regulatory structure.
  1. Defeated anti-Estoppel Certificate Legislation (aka “The Home Tax”). In 2015 and again in 2016, CEOMC defeated harmful, anti-CAM, anti-Association legislation (House Bill 203/Senate Bill 722) that would have:
    • Prohibited an Association or their CAM from being paid for the preparation of an Estoppel certificate, unless the home for which the Estoppel is requested is sold. Recognizing that Associations have no relationship to a home sale and therefore should not be barred from being paid for their services based on such a condition, CEOMC spared Associations and their CAM’s significant cost increases as well as punitive, arbitrary timelines that would have impaired an Association’s ability to collect past due assessments and effectively operate on behalf of its homeowners.
    • Imposed an arbitrary fee cap of $100 for the preparation of an Estoppel certificate, regardless of the time, cost or liability involved with its preparation.
  1. Defeated Unnecessary Regulation and Increased Costs. In 2016, CEOMC led efforts to defeat anti-homeowner, anti-Association legislation (House Bill’s 1357, 1405) that would have:
    • Removed historic legal rights for Associations and CAM’s to collect unpaid assessments, forcing homeowners to subsidize delinquent debtors. And
    • Required Associations and their CAM’s to create – and maintain – unnecessary, and often expensive websites containing confidential information of homeowners. This information would have been vulnerable to identity theft and exposed Associations and their CAM’s to costly legal liability and litigation.
  1. Defeated Increased Fees and Punitive Fines on CAM’s. Additionally in 2016, CEOMC defeated legislation (House Bill 1375/Senate Bill 1122) that would have:
    • Imposed a new fee of $2 on every home within a Homeowner Association (HOA) in Florida to pay for costly, unnecessary state regulation of HOA’s. For many Associations, this would have resulted in tens of thousands of extra dollars in increased assessments on homeowners EVERY YEAR. And
    • Imposed arbitrary and punitive fines on CAM’s of up to $500 per day.
  1. Guided Compromise on Estoppel Industry Fight (HB 483) in 2017
    • After defeating egregious attacks on associations and homeowners during the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions, our 2017 efforts forced the previously uncompromising parties to come up with a solution that benefits associations, homeowners, and title companies. The “Estoppel” bill signed into law strikes a critical balance that ensures title companies will continue to pay for services rendered by Community Association Managers while ensuring that reasonable fees for those services will continue to be charged.

Thanks to CEOMC and its bold leadership, Florida’s Management Profession has been well-served and protected. If you would like to join this effort to protect your industry, go to or call Mark Anderson at (813) 205-0658.

We Believe in Education

CEOMC is a professional association that provides continuing education so our member management companies always have the latest rules, laws, and information needed to best serve thousands of Community Associations.

We Are Accountable

We are accountable to and regulated by:

  1. Our Laws: Florida Statutes Chapter 468.431 – 468.438 require professional licensure and continuing education;
  2. Our Government: The Department of Business and Professional Regulation;
  3. Our Industry: The Regulatory Council for Community Association Managers;
  4. Our Customers: The thousands of Community Associations CEOMC serves.

We Share Best Practices

Our member management companies are on the cutting edge of providing excellent service. As part of CEOMC, we share best practices to keep our members at the top of the industry.

We Serve our Members

CEOMC is always working on new ways to serve our members. Whether it’s representation in the lawmaking process, education, or sharing best practices, CEOMC member management companies benefit from world class service.

Mark Anderson

Executive Director

A veteran former staffer in the House and Senate, Mark Anderson knows the decision makers and the legislative process inside and out.

Passionate about the issues he represents, Mark has a wealth of experience, a network of impressive relationships from across the state and a work ethic that are second to none.  Mark has testified before scores of committees and enjoys the respect of his colleagues and legislators. He is especially knowledgeable and effective in the appropriations and policy arenas, and has an impeccable reputation among his peers and Florida’s lawmakers.

In a dynamic state like Florida, where term limits continues to generate new legislators, Mark knows the critical importance of staying current and making the most of every opportunity for the benefit of his clients.  That is why Mark begins working with candidates before they are elected so they can make informed decisions as legislators after they are elected.  Having successfully managed and worked in campaigns on a local, state and federal level, Mark knows politics and the issues that define campaigns.  Because of this active involvement, not just during the legislative session but throughout the entire year, Mark is able to provide his clients with a well-rounded perspective and an unparalleled level of service.

Year round Mark is working for you.